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Building Timeline

 December 12, 1994  I ordered the information pack and video that Kolb supplies. When they arrived, I was amazed at the short takeoffs and landings I saw in the video. With the information kit came a special deal that was offered during the winter: order before the end of January and get the pre-assembled wing ribs free!  
 January 22, 1995  I placed the order for Kit #1 of the Mark III. This kit includes materials for building the wings and the tail.  
 February 2, 1995  The blueprints arrived today along with the builder's manual and plans book.  
 March 29, 1995  Kit #1 arrived today.  
 July 9, 1995  Today all the tail surfaces are complete.  93 hours 15 minutes
 November 20, 1995  The left wing is done.  159 hours 15 minutes
 December 27, 1995  I decided to wait until later before ordering Kit #2, the covering materials. So I proceeded to order Kit #3, the fuselage cage. I added cable brakes to the order also.  
 February 14, 1996  The right wing is done.  208 hours 45 minutes
 February 16, 1996  The fuselage cage arrives.  
 May 17, 1996  The fuselage cage and tube are painted and mated to each other. Also, the wheels and brakes are installed. Ailerons are complete.  265 hours 45 minutes
 August 9, 1996  The tailpost assembly (vertical stabilizer and rudder hinged together) is fastened to the fuselage tube.  297 hours
 September 11, 1996  The entire tail -- surfaces, cables, tailwheel, etc. -- is completely constructed.  341 hours 30 minutes
 October 8, 1996  Flaps & ailerons attached to wings. Wings attached to fuselage cage. Wing alignment begins. Major problem is discovered in steel inboard wing rib. Cannot proceed until Dennis ships steel augmentation part.  371 hours 20 minutes
 February 16, 1997  Wings correctly aligned and supported by lift struts.  386 hours 30 minutes
 June 13, 1997  Controls for flaps and ailerons installed. Brakes installed.  415 hours
 August 2, 1997  Moved airplane to Meadowlake airport.  
 September 9, 1997  Elevator controls installed.  432 hours 45 minutes
 October 14, 1997  Rudder controls installed.  443 hours
 November 17, 1997  Elevator trim, nosecone, and windshield are installed.  460 hours 15 minutes